The virtual MP

Busy few days back in Westminster after the Bank Holiday. Four more sessions of the Local Transport Bill committee; PPS-ing for DFID in a debate on the Congo and an emergency statement on Burma; meeting with Save the Children staff; voting to abolish the blasphemy laws (by 378 to 57 I think, with only some Tories and unionists voting against); stepping up the “Keep Casualty in Bristol” campaign; and a whole host of other things.

On Tuesday I met with some guys from IFAW to follow up on the seal hunt issue. And apologies in advance to all the techies out there if I’m using the wrong terminology or whatever… I have just about heard of Second Life, which is some kind of virtual reality world on the internet. (How am I doing so far?)

Anyway, IFAW have a virtual island on Second Life with virtual zebras and all sorts. On Saturday there will be a concert on the island in support of an EU ban on the trade in seal products, with real live music (folkies from America) but with virtual counterparts appearing on the stage. Then in true Live 8 style, they will cut to a video link from ‘an EU politician’. That would be me. Or rather, a virtual reality me. (They are under strict instructions to make her considerably more attractive). Will try to put a link on my main website if I can work out how…

Incidentally, the USA banned the trade in seal products in 1972, which is why the emphasis is on an EU-wide ban now.
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