Strange fruit

Regular readers will know that I have an unfortunate habit of upsetting Tory farmers at Defra questions. They will also know there’s been a bit of an issue locally about a grocer who got into trouble with the Rural Payments Agency for selling kiwi fruits which were smaller than they should be. Well I finally got round to raising it at Defra questions today. I was on the order paper at Q14 but had to jump in on an earlier question about regulation as I calculated (correctly it turned out) that they wouldn’t quite make it to me. So my question was something along the lines of, isn’t this, in an era of rising food prices and growing food shortages, EU regulation gone mad and can’t we trust it to the consumer to decide how big a kiwi he/she wants to buy? Cue cheers from the Tory benches and cries of ‘come and join us!’ Oh dear.

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