Holidays in the sun

I shared a lift with a Labour MP earlier today; he’s off to his caravan in Skegness for his holidays as usual. He insists the sun will shine. Proof if it were needed that Trad Labour is alive and kicking, and that not everyone will be sipping Chianti and eating prosciutto in the Tuscan hills. I’ve been to Skegness on a number of occasions. I’ve even eaten chips on the seafront in the pouring rain there. The sun has never shone for me in Skeggy. Central Region Labour Conference by the sea in February… Those were the days.

Gordon is of course spending his hols in Southwold, which hosted the Latitude festival with Franz Ferdinand headlining this weekend. I was supposed to be going to Truck to see the Lemonheads, but the friends with the new baby pulled out and the other friends were playing at Bradfest in Milton Keynes, so I ended up there, watching them and having a picnic. So, no Evan Dando (although, interestingly, two small blond boys who were both named after him.) Which gives me an excuse to post a picture. OK, a feeble excuse, but I think we’ve had enough cute animal pics and kiwi fruit for the time being. And he might just have himself on Google alert.

Coming tomorrow: a post about the draft Marine Bill, tenuously linked to a picture of Keanu Reeves emerging from the sea in a wetsuit with a surfboard under his arm.

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