The milkman of human kindness

I’ve been browsing a vegan blog by Soul Veggie, where he describes his ‘vegan tipping point’ – i.e. what finally made him decide, after 22 years of vegetarianism, to go vegan. It was a column by the No Milk Man, also known as Robert Cohen:

‘Robert, bless his feisty soul, pulled out statistics from the U.S. government detailing the average measured amount of pus cells per liter of milk by State. 400 millions cells is the European limit (little over half of ours). He wrote: “…we learn that pus cell counts continue to rise in America. They have been doing so since the advent of genetically engineered milk. Stressed cows become sick and their milk contains more pus. It’s as simple as that.”

Robert pointed out that the U.S. numbers were ALL over recommended European levels.

Sick cows. Pus cells. It wasn’t the hormones, it wasn’t the fat, it wasn’t the relationship to many bodily disorders, it wasn’t that it was Mother’s Milk from another species. It wasn’t these truths and the inhumane conditions the cows were raised in, that tipped me over. It was the cold, hard, and unassailable fact: you drink milk, you eat cheese, you consume cow pus cells. They are concentrated in cheese and our government allows this to be.

It was like eating an Apple at the Garden of Eden. Once ya know, ya can’t forget.

Pus cells…… “I be Vegan!” I declared to myself. And that was that.’
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