Ready for the floor

We seem to be heading inexorably down a path where a politician’s suitability to assume high office will be judged primarily on how fit they are – in both senses of the word. And quite right too. Putin didn’t get to be President/ Prime Minister by hiding his pecs under a pullover.

So while Gordon is being put through his paces by his personal trainer, and Cameron is squeezing into his ‘trendy wetsuit’ (see earlier post/ pic, if you really want to) where are the other boys hiding? When do we get to see Des Browne in his Speedos, Michael Gove in his lycra cycling shorts, George Osborne pumping iron? Random selection there on my part – not wishful thinking! While you’re reflecting on those images – or trying your best to delete them from your mind – let me introduce you to Boris Nemtsov, former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, ex-Governor of Nizhni Novgorod, leading light in the Union of Right Forces, adviser to the Ukrainian government, with a choice selection of pictures from the ‘Sport’ and ‘Glamour’ sections of his website.

Boris actually spoke at a conference in London a few months ago, organised by the Foreign Policy Centre. Much to my disappointment someone called a last minute DFID debate and I couldn’t make it. Delightful as the hon. members of the International Development Select Committee are, they don’t quite match up to the prospect of seeing Boris in the flesh, in those trousers.

In fact I think it should be made compulsory for all male politicians to have their own ‘glamour’ sections on their websites. And all lady MPs should be made to follow the French example and wear evening gowns to the office. Only then will the voters start to treat us with the respect we deserve.

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