The dangers of reincarnation

I’ve just bought something on Ebay, and when it comes to paying through PayPal, they have an option where you can a £1 donation to Friends of the Earth. Seems like a good idea to me. Speaking of FoE, they’ve got an event in Parliament soon, launching a campaign re agriculture/ livestock and climate change. Doesn’t seem to be on their website yet. Glad somebody is finally picking up that particular ball and running with it; I’ve been banging on about it for ages.

Speaking of Norman Baker, which I was in my previous post, I did an interview by email with Uncaged magazine last week and they sent an interview with him as a past example. He said his latest big issue is livestock/ methane, so I guess we can expect a deluge of questions on that soon. I submitted one a few weeks ago, and got an answer that could best be described as ‘unsatisfactory’, so have tried again, with several more probing variations on the same theme; I’m expecting answers soon, before prorogation.

The last question in the Uncaged interview was what animal I’d like to come back as. Obviously a tiger, they’re something of an obsession of mine. Somewhat worried that Norman Baker also wants to come back as one. Our paths might cross!
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