It’s Friday, it’s fashion!

I vaguely recall promising to run a regular fashion feature on this blog… just to annoy the lads, really. (Incidentally, I am the only one who thinks it’s a bit unfair that Jess Carter-Morley always looks great in the Guardian’s Weekend Magazine’s fashion slot, but Alexis Petridis is nearly always made to look an idiot?)

For this week’s contribution I could have gone with Sarah Brown’s beret – shouldn’t really have worked but she pulled it off, didn’t she? – or the fact that Victoria Beckham is managing to shift her new line of designer dresses for close to £2k a pop, despite the credit crunch. But that would be frivolous of me.

So instead, this week we will focus on the Guardian’s not-at-all shocking-if-you’d-thought-about-it-for-more-than-five-seconds revelation that Primark, Asda and Tesco are, according to War on Want, paying workers in their garment factories in Bangladesh as little as 7p per hour. That’s why your jeans cost £3.

Finally, this site, the Sartorialist, is totally addictive.

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