Death to squirrels

As is usually the case I ended up buying yesterday’s Guardian on the way home from work at 10.30pm and not reading it till I was drying my hair this morning. Anyway, I was reading about plans to cull grey squirrels because they’re driving red squirrels out Scotland. (Scotland being the last refuge of the red squirrel apart from the Isle of Wight where grey squirrels are shot on sight.* Although it would be easier just not to let them on the ferry.

But red squirrels are not an endangered species; there are plenty of them elsewhere in Europe. So why is it so important that we have them in the UK? Yes, they’re cute. Probably a bit cuter than grey ones. But is that grounds for treating one type as superior to the other? (One of the reasons I became a vegetarian – why is it ok to eat cows and not kittens? Unless you’re George Bush of course, who doesn’t care). Here’s another suggestion as to what to do with greys – eat the enemy.

* artistic licence – they’re trapped not shot.

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