Just me moaning about things

In the library in Portcullis House. I seem to have finally persuaded the parliamentary IT people that my ‘repaired’ phone (back from the manufacturers after a month’s intensive care) is not working. It took two visits and much explanation on my part of the fact that (a) there is no signal and (b) you can’t make or receive calls or texts, which I think would fit most people’s definition of ‘not working’, but we had to have much consultation and expert furrowing of brows before it was confirmed. Am now trying to persuade them that it’s not worth sending it away again to be repaired. I’m now plonked in a corner looking at emails while the guy sets up my ‘temporary’ replacement, which I might not let them have back.

Spotted on my trips to and fro – Diane Abbott and Moira Stewart deep in conversation over a coffee.

More on buses in the BEP today; the Lib Dem seems to be saying that the problem is that the bus drivers don’t smile enough. They don’t smile, they can’t spell… Although Cllr Rogers then comes back in on the comments to say it’s a symptom, not a cause. Fair enough (fare enough?) but doesn’t really get us very far, does it? Like the buses really….

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