What have I done to deserve it?

As if 45 minutes of John Redwood, and then a mercifully truncated 20 minutes from Bill Cash wasn’t enough, now Christopher Chope has stood up to speak. Don’t know if he’s doing one of his filibuster specials, but he’s already been told off by Madame Deputy Speaker for going off topic.
Something else I’ve been pondering on… what’s with the current series of overtly political Schweppes adverts? Actually, I’ve just looked it up – seems that it’s a series of bi-weekly intelligent satrical Hogarthian cartoons.

I have some sympathy with Richard who says: “I must be very dim. I don’t understand this work at all. Perhaps if the cartoons were funny..?” and then “But what’s that got to do with Schweppes?”

Chope is wittering on about his time as leader of Wandsworth Council now… still got wind-ups to come. And then votes. Tea break over, time to do some more work.
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