Quick update

No time to blog today because it’s last day before recess and have to clear desk before heading to Bristol. Will be in the constituency for most of the next few weeks, as it’s elections the week after, apart from visiting the hospital (which is excellent, I have to say – NHS has been fantastic, from the speed with which the ambulance arrived to the cleanliness of the hospital and the friendliness of the staff. I have promised to pass on this praise to AJ). Tomorrow I will be on the buses in Bristol as the car is still suspension-less. Always good to do that occasionally to check out the service, although having now worked out it means leaving home at 7.30am to be at my first appointment, I’m not so convinced… And yes, I know plenty of people have to do that every day, but that doesn’t mean I actually have to enjoy the experience.
News from Westminster…. Bercow bandwagon for Speaker gathering pace. Had a good chat with him yesterday. Haven’t heard anyone say they’re supporting another candidate, but that may well be because I don’t mix in those circles. There will be at least one hustings, on June 17th, which I can imagine will be a daunting prospect for the candidates. Good news too re Gurkhas; have spent the past couple of weeks drafting and redrafting letters to go out to those constituents who had contacted me about the issue, which now have to be rewritten! Posted expenses on website a few days ago and went through with journo too. I’m sure we will still be talking about the same issue when Parliament returns on Monday 1st June. We’ve got the Second Reading of the Immigration and Citizenship Bill on the Tuesday, so will be aiming to speak in that debate. And then it will be the local elections. As we are now in pre-election purdah I shall be banning party political broadcasts on behalf of the Green Party from now onwards. Hope you’re listening Glenn!
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