More on the Speaker

Was about to spend a few minutes blogging about how the contest to be the next Speaker could end up being a rerun of the abortion debate by proxy. Nadine Dorries is backing Frank Field, with whom she worked on her recent attempts to amend the abortion limits, and Ann Widdecombe is also being touted as a runner. I’m backing John Bercow, who was described by Ms Dorries on her blog as being an enthusiast for ‘the pursuit of gynaecological bloodsports’, because he opposed her on the issue.
I say was about to… Paul Smith has done his usual annoying trick of turning up early, and we’re off to Somaliland Independence Day celebrations. It will have to wait.

Postscript: Here’s my original post re the ‘bloodsports’ issue.

And can I just say, I don’t want this in any way to be construed as a personal attack on Nadine. It’s about her politics. She’s obviously finding it very tough at the moment, and although her problems may be self-inflicted to a degree, I don’t want to put the boot in, to her or anyone else.

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