Contrary to media reports…

The Bristol Vegan Fayre and there’s not a besuited politician in sight“. So says BBC West’s political supremo Paul Barltrop in this week’s Politics Show. (Scroll in to 43 mins).

Hmmm… well I may not have been besuited – I was wearing a summer dress – but I was certainly there. And I not only walked past Mr Barltrop as he was filming the opening ‘holding the Telegraph up to the camera’ shot, I waved and said hello. And then I saw him twice again, and said hello again. I feel my credentials as Bristol’s numero uno vegan MP have been vilely traduced. (Belated thanks to Ellie for bringing this to my attention).

On the food front the highlight was probably the Creole stall, with gumbo, cornbread, mushroom fries and lots of chilli sauce. Although the coconut custard tart came a pretty good second. (Basically the vegan fayre is about eating your way through the entire day, just because it’s there and because you can, for a change).

Rather disappointed with a poor showing from the stalls on the stickers front. Came away with just two – one from the Young Vegetarians and one from Doris’ Dog Rescue. Good old Doris. (I have a sticker collection on the inside cupboard doors in my Westminster office; normally the vegan fayre provides some good pickings. The best ones are from the 2004 Kerry campaign: “Christians for Kerry”, “Conservatives for Kerry” and my favourite, “Firefighters for Kerry”).

The evening finished with a set from the Blockheads. Excellent stuff although they did insist on plugging their new album at some length, which wasn’t really what anyone was there to hear. Sweet Gene Vincent was the highlight for me, although Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick was a bravura performance too.

See, vegans know how to have fun!

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