Last of the Gang to Die

Lots of juicy stuff in today’s Building Britain’s Future statement by the Prime Minister, but just to flag up one. We’re finally going to move towards an elected House of Lords, or a Senate as it might be called. The current life peers will be replaced in tranches, or so I understand it, by elected members. More details to follow.
This reform also entails getting rid of the remaining 92 hereditary peers, by scrapping the by-elections that are held when one of the current cohort dies. There’s one such by-election going on at the moment, and I think there are something like 26 candidates (drawn from those who hold hereditary peerages but didn’t succeed on the original ballot when we removed the right of the vast majority of hereditary peers to sit in the Lords). And I think I’m right in saying it’s only those hereditaries who currently sit in the House who are allowed to vote.
Obviously it will take a while for all 92 to – putting it delicately – ‘leave’ the House, although I’d imagine their average age makes it more a medium than a long-term proposition. The question is: who will make history by being the last ever hereditary peer to sit in the House of Lords? I don’t know how young the candidates are in the current by-election, but if the peers wanted to be contrary, they might well decide to opt for a spring chicken!
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