I’ve been contacted by constituents about a horrible incident which led to the death of their cat, Wilbur. More details can be found on here, but basically Wilbur made the mistake of straying over into next door’s garden, as cats do. Meanwhile the neighbour had decided to let his 13 foot long python out for a stroll… and Wilbur fell prey to the snake. He was crushed, asphyixiated and consumed whole. The owners had to live in the knowledge for the next week that their beloved pet was slowly being digested inside the snake’s stomach. I don’t think you have to be a cat person – which I very much am – to find that horrible.
I’m checking out the legal situation but it appears from what the RSPCA and police have told Wilbur’s owners that the snake owner did nothing wrong. Have a look at the website, and see what you think. Would you be happy to have one of those loose in one of your neighbour’s gardens? If you had young children playing in yours? I’m amazed actually that there aren’t tighter rules on owning such pets – or an outright prohibition. As the website shows, there have been incidents around the world of similar-sized snakes killing children or even grown men.
PS I haven’t yet responded to Wilbur’s owners, as I only saw their email on Friday, but I hope they’re happy with me publishing details of this on my blog, so that people are aware of their campaign.
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