In which I realise I’m stuck with Twitter tsar…

As people might imagine the past 24 hours or so have been pretty hectic, with lots of media and trying to keep up with people contacting me on Twitter about the new role. I have two problems doing the broadcast media – one is trying to remember my official job title – it’s New Media Campaigns Spokesperson – and the second is trying desperately hard not to convert every word beginning with t into a tw. Very nearly said ‘twelevision’ on Radio Humberside earlier. Before we know everyone will be at it, and in years to come students of ancient English as she was spoke will spend many a twutorial discussing how the t- fell into disuse in all but the most neanderthal, Twitter-resistant parts of the country, like Witney. (Which I very nearly just called Twitney).

Anyway, because I’ve been speaking about it all day, in between doing the day job, I really don’t have the energy to blog about it too. If you’re interested have a read of the original LabourList ‘launch’ interview, and this, for a local news website, Bristol 24/7. And there’s also this interview from a few weeks ago.

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