Gloves are off in Buckingham

The idea of UKIP MEP Nigel Farage standing against the Speaker, John Bercow, in Buckingham at the next General Election, is on a par with David Davis resigning to fight a by-election against himself, i.e. it will almost certainly be a political damp squib. It has made me think though as to what I’d do if I lived in Bercow’s constituency. (No, not vote for Farage!)
Convention has it that the main political parties don’t contest the seat against the candidate known as ‘Mr Speaker seeking re-election’. Not that it would make much difference in Buckingham where Bercow has an 18,000 majority. Obviously if I lived there I would, in normal circumstances, vote for the Labour candidate. But if there isn’t a Labour candidate next time round, what to do? Sit on your hands on the grounds that you can’t vote for someone who was until very recently a Tory? But I don’t think I could ever not vote…. Or vote for Bercow on the grounds that he’s a decent chap and I supported him for Speaker and want to endorse him continuing in that role? But then if I’d been a Labour activist in Buckingham, I’d have been campaigning against him for years… Then again, a vote for Bercow would be a vote against Farage, which is certainly worth getting out of bed for. I think that would probably seal the deal.
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