#lab09 – second episode

Sitting in Conference Hall with Andrew Gwynne MP. First the old phone started bleeping, then the netbook made logging off sounds and then the Blackberry rang… Any more of this and I’m going to be evicted! Andrew has just described me on Twitter as the e-Walter Wolfgang. Ed Miliband and Pat McFadden will be speaking soon, about the policy-making process and the next manifesto, and then Douglas is giving an update on the election campaign planning, and then Gordon and Harriet are doing a Q and A.

At the moment it’s the Welsh affairs debate, and Rhodri Morgan has just delivered the soundbite of the day, talking about “blending the mushy peas of Old Labour with the guacamole of New Labour”. It’s his last speech as Welsh First Minister as he’s standing down soon, and he’s just been given a standing ovation.

Earlier today I went along to the Scouts Speak Out event, which I really enjoyed. Chance to catch up with some Labour PPCs too – Stella Creasy from Walthamstow, Andrew Pakes from Milton Keynes North, and Daniel Zeichner from Cambridge. Then, heading back into the Conference centre I bumped into Lucy Powell, who’s standing in Manchester Withington and is 10 weeks away from having her first baby. Typical Lucy – she’s very organised – slotting a baby in before the election campaign starts!

Last night was the Go Fourth Tweet for Victory rally. I somehow found myself on stage introducing the master of modern campaigning, John Prescott, who gave a phenomenal speech – ‘stop complaining, start campaigning!’ Villain of the conference seems already to have been awarded to Charles Clarke, the mere mention of whose name elicits boos and hisses. Runner up place goes to Compass who have in their wisdom decided to invite Caroline Lucas, who is standing for the Green Party in Brighton Pavilion, to speak at their conference rally. That’s a Labour conference rally… looks like the energy-saving lightbulbs are on at Compass but there’s no-one there.

We had a mini tweet-up after the Go Fourth rally; really good to meet some of the regular Labour activists from Twitter. Tom Watson seems to have arranged another tweet-up now, and told all and sundry that I’m buying the drinks. Quite happy to get the wallet out on condition they all drink the same as me – soda water + lime!

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