Lib Dems demand clarity on tuition fees – but not from themselves!

This was posted on the ‘scrap tuition fees’ Facebook site. No mention of the fact that the Lib Dems “commitment” to abolish tuition fees was firmly kicked over the fence upon which the Lib Dems love to loiter and into the long grass at Lib Dem conference? It’s now little more than a declared aspiration ‘once we’ve got the money’ and we all know that we don’t have the money, otherwise Labour would never have introduced fees in the first place. (Someone has suggested there’s a degree of sophistry over the use of the phrase “tuition fees model” below? Anyone care to explain?) Here’s the post….

“Yesterday’s London Evening Standard front page story let the cat out of the bag on Tory HE policy. It seems they are willing to contemplate £7,000pa tuition fees… as long as students benefit! In yesterday’s House of Commons debate on HE I made it clear that the Lib Dems are still the only party pledged to abolish the tuition fees model for financing universities. The Labour government and the Conservatives have been hiding behind the fees review, which has yet to start its work and now won’t finish until AFTER the general election. Students and parents deserve to have more clarity at the election. If you have a Conservative MP, why not write and ask if they agree with increasing fees. And if you’ve a Labour MP, demand that they come clean on their proposals BEFORE the general election.”

Best wishes,


Lib Dem Shadow Innovation, Universities and Skills Secretary

PS let me know of responses from Tory and Labour MPs!

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