Do I want to be photographed with a giant egg?

I have a dilemma… Tomorrow there’s a launch event for the RSPCA’s Freedom Food “Simply Ask” campaign, which wants to get people asking about the provenance of their food when eating out – starting with eggs. Currently 80% of eggs used in the food service sector are from battery hens and the RSPCA obviously wants to change this, so has organised a photo-op for MPs with a giant egg, which they will be asked to sign.

I’m around in Parliament when it’s happening and my diary is clear. However….

Do I follow the practice of previous years – this is an annual campaign in various permutations -and decide that as a vegan I shouldn’t promote eating something I don’t eat? Or should I opt for the ‘lesser of two evils’ approach and encourage people to opt for free range because it’s better than battery farming? Decisions, decisions…

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