It’s the Fighters and Believers who change our world..

If you haven’t seen the latest Labour Party broadcast, here it is. And me, backing the campaign on Labour List and Alistair Campbell congratulating Ellie on succeeding ‘against the odds’ in getting the film – which was first shown in its original form before the Leader’s speech at Labour Conference – broadcast on national television. (Also worth reading for Alistair’s sideswipe at William Hague for effectively backing a centre-right candidate for EU president who wants to introduce EU-wide taxes).

And yes, I accept this is not much of a comeback after more than a week’s absence from the blog, but at least it’s a start. I’m confined to barracks this weekend with a severe case of what the unsympathetic amongst you might term “man flu”, and I have remembered to bring my dongle back from London, and the TV is still not working, so no excuse not to blog…

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