Fighters and believers – Tory style

What a pleasure it is to arrive in the Westminster office to be greeted by yet another email from young Samuel Coates on behalf of the Conservative campaign team. I assumed this was the offspring of the Times journalist of the same name, but apparently no, there are just two of them. As if one… etc, etc.

Sam the Younger excitedly tells me all about the great opportunities they are to campaign for the Conservatives, and concludes with this almost too good to resist offer:

P.S. Don’t forget: the campaign team with the most members by Tuesday wins some free professional photography, and the campaign member who makes the most calls wins a curry with Eric Pickles!

Sam ends with an enticement to comment on his blue blog, on a piece ironically titled “Harnessing the Power of Online Lobbying”, so of course I did:

“Something makes me think that the Tories haven’t quite got the hang of this online lobbying lark. It would take rather more than an email, offering me the chance to win a curry with Eric Pickles, to make me resign my position as a Government Whip and come and campaign for the Tories!

P.S. Would be interested to know how my email address ended up on your database?”

Let’s see if that makes it past moderation… (Actually thinking about it, the entire Government whips office could have entered as the biggest campaign team, won the free photography session, and sent a portrait of ourselves to CCHQ to hang on their wall! Doubt if they’d have spotted it…)

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