Curry with Eric Pickles – Labour comes out fighting

Tories offer their supporters a curry with Eric Pickles; we offer a night out with Eddie Izzard. I will leave you to decide what is the more attractive option, but if pick Eric, you’re either insane or very hungry. (And bear in mind, he’s probably going to eat quite a lot of it himself…) Anyway, here’s an email from Miliband the Younger:

“With only a few days to go until the Copenhagen summit, thousands of people are playing their part in getting a deal.

Eddie Izzard is offering you the chance to win two tickets to his Wembley gig on Saturday if you email your friends about the Ed’s Pledge campaign by Wednesday. Click to ask your friends to support Ed’s Pledge now Thousands of people will also be attending the Wave march in London on Saturday. The more people who attend, the stronger our voice will be. I hope to see you there.

Sign your friends up to the campaign now – and be entered into a draw to win Eddie Izzard ticketsIn the days before the Copenhagen summit, it’s essential that every last voice stands up and says that we must get a deal. Bring your friends into the campaign to secure a real climate change deal at Copenhagen

Thank you, Ed”

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