Causes to fight for

Bit of a plug for the Fabian New Year Conference 2010, “Causes to Fight For Saturday 16 January 2010, Imperial College, London.

“The Fabian Society will hold its annual New Year Conference on Saturday 16th January 2010. The event brings together top speakers from across the political spectrum to debate the most pressing issues of the coming political year.

With a General Election only months away, the Fabians’ 2010 conference ‘Causes To Fight For’ is dedicated to discussing the politics of the General Election and how best to campaign on the causes that unite the left.

Tickets are now available online and can be purchased here. For further details please visit us here.

Our fantastic line-up includes Ken Livingstone, John Denham MP, Sadiq Khan MP, John Curtice, Jackie Ashley, Nadine Dorries MP, Polly Toynbee, Matthew Taylor, Catherine Fieschi, Peter Kellner, Kerry McCarthy MP, Nick Anstead, James Forsyth, Ellie Gellard, Will Straw, David Babbs, Rachel Reeves, Roger Liddle, Will Hutton and many more.”

Great to see Ellie in that line up. First I knew about that! You will also spot a Conservative amidst the ranks. I am told she will be on the panel for ‘Will the real David Cameron please stand up’, debating which strands of Conservative thought the ‘new’ Conservatives aspire to, with Fabians General Secretary Sunder Katwala and Polly Toynbee. Should be very interesting…

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