Kerry’s guide to PMQs!

An unlucky draw for the Red team in PMQs today, although it at least means Harriet will know which Tories she’s going to be getting, and lots of good opportunities for the valiant Labour troops to bob up and down.

Gordon is in Copenhagen, which will no doubt come as a relief to Cameron after the hammering he’s had over the last few PMQs. As it customary in such circumstances, Harriet will go head-to-head with William Hague and Vince Cable. I’d predict some end of term jollity, and probably Hague to go on Afghanistan/ economy and Cable to go on the economy, with a bit of a sideswipe at his soon-to-be near neighbour, Zac Goldsmith. Quite a few of the Tories listed are army types, and Heathcoat-Amory will no doubt bring the EU into whatever it is he asks, but most of the Tories listed will be planted questions, which is actually a good way of spotting what they think are vote winners for them. I can’t think of anything at the moment!

*1 Mr Andrew Mackay (Bracknell): If he will list his official engagements for Wednesday 16 December.

Random Labour backbencher

Hague (6 Qs)

Random Labour backbencher

Cable (2 Qs)

Random Labour backbencher

*2 Mr David Heathcoat-Amory (Wells):

Random Labour backbencher

*3 Simon Hughes (North Southwark & Bermondsey):

Random Labour backbencher

*4 Mr Mark Francois (Rayleigh):

Random Labour backbencher

*5 Mr Gerald Howarth (Aldershot):

Random Labour backbencher

*6 Miss Anne McIntosh (Vale of York):

Random Labour backbencher

*7 Mr James Arbuthnot (North East Hampshire):

Random Labour backbencher

*8 Mr Roger Williams (Brecon & Radnorshire):

*9 Mr Clive Betts (Sheffield, Attercliffe):

*10 Mr Adrian Bailey (West Bromwich West):

*11 Judy Mallaber (Amber Valley):

*12 Andrew Mackinlay (Thurrock):

*13 Mr Brian H. Donohoe (Central Ayrshire): When he next plans to visit Central Ayrshire.

*14 Jo Swinson (East Dunbartonshire):

*15 Mr Anthony Wright (Great Yarmouth):

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