The money will roll right in*

Speaking of celebs and politics, I see that Mrs Sting, aka Trudie Styler, is listed as a donor to Zac Goldsmith’s campaign in Richmond Park. She gave him £3500.

Why would anyone do that? Zac Goldsmith is absolutely rolling in it. He’s spent £260,000 of his own dosh on his campaign so far. He’s got millions more under his mattress (or wherever it is he puts it to avoid those dastardly tax men). Bunging him a few grand is like emptying a teacup into the ocean.

It’s already known that Zac is a mate of Mrs Sting (which I call her not in the way obnoxious Tories insist on calling Jacqui Smith Mrs Tinsley or Yvette Cooper Mrs Balls, but just because it’s silly). She once took an 80 mile helicopter ride to spend the weekend with him to discuss earnestly how to save the planet, as revealed here. Wonder how often Zac flies off to visit his millions?

*Mudhoney: “I’ll just sit and grin. The money will roll right in”

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