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Has only slowly dawned on me that it’s Sunday, which is why the Mother has disappeared from the house; she must be at church. Wish she’d shown me how to switch on the telly before she went. Seriously, I’ve pressed every button on the remote, and yes, it is switched on at the mains.

While we’re on the subject of techy problems, can anyone explain why Blogger doesn’t allow cut and paste anymore? It’s very, very annoying. Is it a protecting copyright thing? I can’t even cut and paste from Word docs.

I’m feeling rather proud in a maternal way today. A year or two ago a Bristol uni student emailed me, begging to me allowed to come and volunteer in my constituency office, telling me how passionate she was about the Labour Party and how much she wanted to help achieve a Labour victory in the next election. (To be honest, she needn’t have bothered, a simple “I’m Labour and willing to stuff envelopes and answer the phones for nothing more than my bus fare” would have sufficed).

I didn’t get to see much of Ellie when she was interning for me, because constituency Fridays are an absolute whirl, with me running in and out of the office between appointments. But anyway, we’re now firm friends, and today she’s in two Sunday newspapers. The Observer has a feature on the Hot List 2010 (must pick up a paper copy as judging from her tweets there’s an embarrassing photo which will be going up on the noticeboard in our Bristol East war room) and she’s also writing a column for the Sunday People today; this is the main article but there are other titbits too. She’s also going to be in Company magazine in January, and speaking at the Fabians Conference on January 16th under my watchful eye; I’m chairing the session. Anyway, well done Ellie… and carry on squashing those Tory trolls.

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