Detective Instinct

Hope this doesn’t get overlooked in post-NYE comedown

So-called expert on extremism, Glenn Jenvey, has been arrested on suspicion of inciting religious hatred against Jews, based on allegations he posted content on the website under an assumed Muslim name. He says this was with the intention of seeing whether Islamic extremists were attracted to the post, but it was own posts that were splashed across the Sun as proof that British Jews, including Sir Alan Sugar, Amy Winehouse and David Miliband, had become terror targets. Credit where it’s due to Tim Ireland, aka Bloggerheads, for his work on exposing the fallacy of the Sun story. More info here.

I’m not sure he’s facing the right charge… If his defence is that his intention wasn’t to incite hatred against Jews but to expose Islamic extremism, it seems to me that could well succeed because he wouldn’t have been trying to incite the hatred himself, but simply to get others to expose their own hatred. Whereas if he was charged with inciting hatred against Muslims, by making people think extremists were compiling a hitlist of prominent British Jews, I think he’d be on shakier ground. (Usual legal caveats apply, of course). Will be interesting to see how the case develops…

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