No Good Advice

A few hours in the office, for the first time this week… I see people are reporting that Andy Burnham has ‘let slip’ the election date. I was at that event yesterday, which was the parliamentary launch of Julie Morgan’s Private Members Bill to stop under-18s using sunbeds. The Bill will also outlaw unstaffed tanning salons of which there are quite a few in Bristol, sometimes offering sessions for as cheap as £1 or even 50p a minute. When I was first elected I met with Consol Suncenter, who run a lot of these unstaffed salons and have a regional office in my constituency. We discussed the steps they were taking to make sure under-16s didn’t use their salons, and that others didn’t over-use the salons, which was mostly about conspicuously displaying signs in the salon and having CCTV and spot checks, but I have to say, I wasn’t convinced and will be supporting Julie’s Bill.

Andy was joined at the launch by Nicola from Girls Aloud, who was obviously nervous at speaking in public but gave a lovely speech saying “You don’t have to be Tangoed to be accepted”. Have to say, she looked great. Killer heels.

Anyway, during Andy’s speech he said something about a May 6th election, which caused these flutterings amongst political pundits. It doesn’t mean a thing. I’m working on the assumption of a May 6th election. Everyone is. It seems the most obvious choice of date. But the only person who knows is Gordon, and I suspect even he doesn’t know yet. He might wake up tomorrow morning and decide, what the hell, let’s go for March 25th. He might not!

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