Now Mary

I’m not usually a Telegraph reader – no, you surprise us! gasps my collective readership – but this piece by Mary Portas, aka Mary Queen of Shops, is a must-read. (Given my previous post, perhaps we should just get rid of political columnists altogether and have celebs write all the comment pieces in our newspapers).

Mary dissects the now infamous ‘airbrushed’ posters, and comes to the conclusion that, frankly, they’re a bit crap. (For suggestions as to how they can be improved, see the excellent But it’s in her analysis of ‘Brand Cameron’ that she really excels, coming to the devasting conclusion:

“All successful brands stand for something, whether that’s reliability, luxury or usefulness. I’ve racked my brains but I can’t for the life of me think what Cameron stands for…. If he were a supermarket, he’d be Somerfield.”

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