Teddy Picker

I’m afraid that my ‘no issues’ verdict from Sir Thomas Legg – i.e. being given a clean bill of health on expenses – may have rather disappointed people.

Someone posing as a journalist called the office today, seeking clarification about quarterly payments made from my Incidental Expenses Provision, i.e. the office costs allowance, to a company called CIT Vendor Finance. Well, I can exclusively reveal, before the budding Woodward/ Bernstein does, that this is the photocopier rental charge. (Hold the front page…!)

I dealt with this enquiry while I was in Bill committee this afternoon. My suspicions as to why anyone was interested in my office photocopier payments on today of all days, when there are so many more suitable subjects for media scrutiny, were confirmed when I got back to the office.

I’ve now discovered that the so-called media interest came from the “Centre for Open Politics”. And yes, a quick Google search has revealed that it’s exactly who I thought it was, or rather, someone calling herself Juliet acting on his behalf. (More here too.)

This person also told a left-wing blogsite this week that Eric Pickles has said it would be: “A very dirty election….”

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