Milk and Alcohol

Interesting little item at the end of business today.

Under ‘Presentation of Public Petitions’ the Tory MP Christopher Chope will be presenting a petition on ‘Bellamy’s Bar Closure’. And no, it’s not a matter of vital importance for his constituents of Christchurch. It’s about plans to turn Bellamy’s, one of the many bars on the parliamentary estate, into a creche. Mr Chope objects. Will be interesting to see how many signatures he’s got from ‘the public’.

Mr Chope is also fighting a rearguard action, along with Philip Davies MP (Dinosaur Jr) to stop moves by Harriet Harman to enshrine in legislation a rule that parliamentary committees should use the term ‘Chair’, and not Chairman from now on. I can see this might be a point of principle for the ‘political correctness gone mad’ brigade, but I look forward to seeing his justification for trying to scupper plans for a creche.

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