Slates, Slags etc

I think I’ve expressed concern on here before about just what kind of Tory parliamentary party we’re likely to end up with if they do reasonably well in the election. They’re certainly not all modernisers. Google, if you must, the Daily Mail feature on ‘Cameron’s Cuties’ and tot up how many of those are in favour of reducing the abortion time limit, for example. Or check out the recent FT article on the influence of the religious right within the Tory Party.

And now we have a prime example of free market lunacy from the Tory candidate in Hyndburn. How do we reduce the number of abortions and stop all those feckless teenage single mums getting pregnant just for the hell of it? Oh, and sort out sexually transmitted diseases while we’re at it? Simple: price them out of the market. I defy you to read it without wincing.

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