Killing me softly

I’ve blogged before about the scientific case for and against carrying out badger culls to prevent bovine TB. Unsurprisingly the new Government has, in a move which is widely seen as appeasing farmers rather than based on any scientific evidence, announced that culls will resume. Although, as Brian May says on his blog, they don’t quite put it like that:

And our Badgers … well, a great day for euphemisms here. We see that badgers are going to be subject to a “science-led policy of badger control” in areas of high bovine TB incidence; notice they won’t be ‘killed’ – not even ‘culled’. But ‘controlled’. Now isn’t that comforting? And ‘science-led’, even though all the available scientific evidence says that ‘controlling’ badgers will not solve the bTB problem in Cattle, and may make it worse.”

Time for the RSPCA to resurrect the Back Off Badgers campaign?

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