Young guns,having some fun

Interesting collage of images at the end of the Politics Show yesterday, showing the six declared candidates for the Labour leadership. We had clips of:

a) Andy Burnham looking slightly self-conscious playing electric guitar;

b) John McDonnell shouting through a megaphone, probably at a strike or demo, that being what left-wingers do;

c) Diane Abbott, doing nothing really, just a close-up of her face;

d) David Miliband, walking around importantly being Foreign Secretary;

e) Ed Miliband, with climate change campaigners with painted faces (definitely the winner);

f) Ed Balls, on a rope swing. I know he was in charge of Children, Schools and Families, but I’m not sure acting like a big kid is quite the image he’s trying to portray now.

I can’t find the video clip of Ed and Andy on the swing, which was a photo-op to highlight the importance of children being allowed out to play and to take risks.

Someone set it to the Banana Splits tune and put it on You Tube, but I can’t find it anymore.

Anyway, I think in the interests of a level playing field and all that, the other leadership contenders should be forced to follow suit. David and Ed, John and Diane. Forget the hustings, this would be fun!

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