End of the day

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it into the Chamber for Christopher Chope’s adjournment debate last night, on the Coalition’s proposed 55% stitch-up rule. Usually end of the day adjournment debates are frequented by three people. The person whose debate it is, the Minister who has to reply, and the Government whip who is there because they have to be. One or two comrades might wander in for moral support, but that’s about it. (Incidentally, being an Opposition whip is so much easier than being a Government one. You don’t have to do any “beg to moves”.)

Anyway, last night I gather there were about 60 MPs in the Chamber, including 32 Tories. And because the main business of the day had finished early, there was not the usual half hour, but a whole 90 minutes allowed for debate. (**!!**@! says David Heath, whose job it was to respond. And **!*@!*! says Sir George Young, the new Leader of the House, who was apparently tying himself into knots sitting on the front bench next to him).

Here’s the transcript,  but it may be worth watching on the parliament channel if you’re really interested in where this proposal is going to go. And there’s an EDM going down tomorrow, which I’ve signed.

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