I was given a sneak preview today of my new office, which was very exciting.

For the past five years I’ve been on the fourth floor of 1, Parliament Street. (Opposite the Treasury, you get it to from the Commons by going all the way through Portcullis House and then up to the fourth floor. It’s a real trek, particularly when there’s a running whip. Basically you have to jump up the moment the division bell goes, and put on a bit of a spurt to get over to vote before the eight minutes are up).

The plus side was that I had a pretty big office (though it was always freezing) and an even bigger staff office (which was always too hot). And I had a wall inside the stationery cupboard covered in my collection of political stickers (“I’m a chicken, not a nugget!”) I’m hoping a Tory gets the room next.

I have traded all this in for a box. A box with just enough space for one desk and one green armchair. But it’s great. It’s in the Palace of Westminster itself, tucked away down a corridor and up some steps, somewhere over Star Chamber Court. Two minutes from the Chamber, from the Members’ tearoom, from the library, and from the Opposition Whips Office, where I also have a desk. It will make a huge difference. It’s kind of atmospheric too. I can see gargoyles out of my window. (And no, it’s not the new Cabinet).

I can always start off my sticker collection again at this week’s Bristol Eco-Veggie Fayre. Hope to see some of you there!

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