Two note swivel

Blimey, was rather caught off guard just then in Business Questions. There were loads of Labour MPs trying to catch the Speaker’s eye, so I was working on the assumption that I’d be quite far down the pecking order, and although I was going through the motions of bobbing up and down, I hadn’t quite got round to formulating my question. (Mainly because I thought Fiona Mactaggart would be called before me, and I knew she’d go on the same topic).

Anyway, the Speaker went from Rosie Winterton (Shadow Leader of the House) to the Tories, to David Winnick (a veteran of business statement questions) to the Tories, and then suddenly, after bobbing up and then sinking back into a reverie on the green benches, I heard my name.

Still, I think I pulled myself together pretty quickly, and managed a fairly coherent question, about the need for a debate on the Coalition’s commitment to give anonymity to defendants in rape trials – which apparently is no longer a firm commitment as such, but will be preceded by a full analysis and consideration of all the issues. So says Sir George, who was not so much rowing backwards as putting his speedboat into reverse gear.

I then went off to the Speaker’s Office to put in a request for an adjournment debate on the topic, but Caroline Flint has got there first. It will be only a 30 minute debate at the close of business on June 7th, and will be pretty late starting because we’ll be voting on the Queen’s Speech first, but it’s good that we’ve got it, and I expect a good attendance from women MPs on the Labour side at least.

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  • Vincent J Heaney  On May 27, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    makes interesting reading
    I am signing up to read more
    yours faithfully

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