I fought the law

And this is why we don’t like Lib Dems… http://www.yeovil-libdems.org.uk/news/press/1305.htm 

Thanks to @northerngump on Twitter for bringing it to my attention.

PS To elaborate for those who might think this is an over-generalisation. Lib Dems across the country pull stunts like this. The tearoom after the election was full of Labour colleagues swapping stories about just how dirty the Lib Dem campaigns against them were. I’m glad they’re being exposed for what they are (and I don’t mean their sexuality – I couldn’t care less about that!)

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  • Stefan Ingemar Isendahl  On May 29, 2010 at 11:18 am

    Sadly it’s not unusual for followers of any party to fight dirty – but it’s hardly invading Iraq, is it?

  • Chris Paul  On May 29, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    David Laws’ moral high ground take on this, repeated all over the country, included:

    “this confirms that David Laws has not been asked to repay any of his expenses, as Sir Thomas found all his claims for London living costs to be in order”

    i.e. he specifically declared himself absolved of any problem with his London living costs, cherry picking this from other matters which might have been raised.

    Not least the likes of office shares, printing societies, adverts on polemic, staff political activity, gaming of parliamentary comms allowances, tithes from councillors, tithes to party offices and so on.

    Matters which the Lib Dems have sustained very little damage over but which may be worth 10s of £1,000s to many of them.

    Possibly “within the rules”, which his London claim may be technically because of the uncertainty re partner, lover, friend, landlord, but clearly not what the taxpayer is entitled to expect from their representatives.

    Incidentally Mr Laws’ first post-election WDP piece is entitled “A New politics for Britain” and includes clean up among his priorities.


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