This must be the place

Bit slow off the mark with this one, which appeared in yesterday’s BEP…  [Well, I would have been a bit slow off the mark if I’d actually posted this when I wrote it. Now it’s not so much slow off the mark as falling flat on my face on the B of the bang… Enjoy]

Bristol City Council is advertising for a £72 a year, olus benefits, ‘place making director’.  Here’s an except from the JD:

“As Bristol’s place-making director one of your key roles will be to develop productive relationships with stakeholders, developing a common sense of purpose based around a shared understanding of Bristol’s sense of place, in order to improve Bristol’s economic competitiveness.  You will be expected to originate creative ideas for developing, reinforcing and enhancing Bristol’s sense of place and to work in partnership with others to make this happen.”

So what’s all that about then???

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  • woodsy  On June 3, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    £72 a year = bargain.

    £72K a year = what a waste of public money 😉

  • thebristolblogger  On June 3, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    They have to implement ‘Bristol a place making and marketing strategy: competing for tourism, talent and trade’ by the Yellow Railroad International Destination Consultancy.

    A document that manages to be even more bonkers than it sounds and is beyond satire. (The diagram on page 7 comes highly recommended – it looks like something out of 12 year old’s school project). You can read it all here:

    The crucial conclusion is that “the single, strongest, overriding characteristic that unites and influences all aspects of Bristol’s ‘personality’ is the spirit of innovation, creativity and unorthodoxy.”

    This from a city that’s been run for about the last 500 years by a small, wealthy conservative mercantile elite that has tended to hang out together at an all-male secret club run by the one they call ‘the master’.

    Admittedly, that is pretty unorthodox.

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