Let’s go round again

Just found out the draw for next week’s PMQs. Cameron better get that letter to Bridget Phillipson, the new MP for Houghton and Sunderland South, in the post pretty quick, as she’s on the list again, at no.3. (He couldn’t answer her question last week about the future of the Nissan plant and its electric car project, so said he’d write to her). She’ll get a second bite at the cherry on Wednesday.

Good draw for Labour actually, eight MPs in the top 10, and good to see Richard Burden at no.2, as he’s a leading light in the Britain-Palestine APPG and he’ll no doubt ask about Gaza.

Tony Cunningham is also on the list, and another of our Cumbrian MPs, John Woodcock, but I suspect the Speaker will find an opportunity early on to bring in Jamie Reed, the MP for the constituency where the shootings actually happened.

As ever it took me quite a while to track down the Question Book on the parliament website (if you just search for it you get a random selection of links from years gone by); I wish they’d make it easier to find. Here’s the link – you have to scroll down till almost the end – and no prizes for guessing what the Tory whips want asking at Cabinet Office questions!

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