Danny Boy

I’m been very bad at blogging lately – in fact, I’ve barely been online at all. I managed the stupendous feat of going 48 hours without even checking Twitter from Thursday to Saturday, and apologies to Facebook folk whose messages from the past week or so I have yet to reply to. I am still pondering whether Facebook is worth it…. am getting some very strange messages these days.

This evening we’ve got a bit of a bash at the Boca Bar, Paintworks, for people who helped in the election campaign, and then I’ve got to try to catch a late train to London, so I can be in Westminster for an early-ish meeting Monday. So might get a chance to blog while I’m on the train. (And when, oh when, are FGW going to get wifi?)

In the meantime, a couple of interesting articles for you to peruse/ ignore. The New York Times on how the Swedish system encourages fathers to play an equal role in child-rearing, and David -aka Danny – Blanchflower in the Mirror on how cuts are not the answer to our economic problems.

I’m sure that when David appeared in front of the Treasury Select Committee for his confirmation hearing when he was first appointed to the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee, those who accidentally referred to him as Danny kept correcting themselves, and he laughed it off as a mistake everyone made. But now he appears in the Mirror and on TV under that byline, so maybe he’s just come to the conclusion that he may as well learn to live with it?

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  • Pete  On June 13, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    If you can’t beat em hey …?
    Did you know BTW (on the subject of Economists and alter egos) that Wynne Godley was the model for the statue of St Michael casting out the devil at Coventry Cathedral?
    And is it my imagination, or does the devil have a likeness of G Osborne? Here http://tinyurl.com/2vncggw

  • woodsy  On June 15, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    Only 48 hours Kerry? I’m sure you can do better than that… Yesterday I returned from 5 days’ camping at a tech/activist do up the Wye Valley where we had as much tech in a barn as is available in a city; there were even folk tweeting from round my campfire. However, I didn’t check my email accounts nor tweet a single character for 5 days. I only touched a computer three times (and one of those was to assist in leading a workshop on use of the command line). As for blogging again, I left it until today before a new post.

    As for FGW getting wifi, they first need rolling stock where one is not crammed in so tight that using a laptop involves adopting a pose like a praying mantis. 😀

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