At night

Business running late tonight, although we’re on a one-line whip. We have some of those pedlars Bills: Westminster, Canterbury and Nottingham tonight. I feel very sorry for the ladies in the Members’ tearoom who have to stay until the end of the adjournment, no matter how late it is, though I suspect tonight is nothing compared to what we’re in for when we get stuck into the Finance Bill. No guillotine on Finance Bills – we can go all night if we want.

The adjournment debate tonight is about the new Teeside hospital, which had been five years in the planning, was given the go-ahead by the Labour government, and has now had the plug unceremoniously pulled on it. Good turnout from local MPs in the Chamber. It’s a shame that certain Tories felt the urge to filibuster on the previous business (on the usual grounds that they’re against anything which remotely resembles regulation), because now the adjournment debate can only last 30 minutes. If we’d finished before 10pm it could have gone on longer… i.e. for 30 minutes or till 10.30pm, whichever was later.

As usual I have somehow ended up staying in the office all evening, despite being on a one-line whip. And I haven’t touched the crates yet. Just got hundreds of emails to deal with, the vast majority related to the Budget and spending cuts. The plan now is to stay in the office, watch Ed B and Gove go head to head on Newsnight, and reduce the emails down to a manageable level. And blogging is just a way of procrastinating…. Back to those emails now!

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