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Just a quick plea to people to support this…. I’ve already tabled a parliamentary question about My Place funding, but haven’t had a response yet. It’s the youth project at the old fire station in the city centre. I had a tour of the site the other week, and it has the potential to be absolutely phenomenal. The project was more or less signed off by the previous Government, but unfortunately it now needs final approval (and a cheques) from Michael Gove.

Here’s what they have to say:

“ACT NOW!!!  Save the Station from being axed!! As you will all know, the government is still unclear about where the cuts will fall over the next years.  Because of this many programmes have been put on hold whilst ministers review all expenditure.  Unfortunately, MyPlace (the funding for the Station) is included in this review.  This doesn’t mean the funding will be cut but it does mean that the funding is on hold.  The government are currently unable to give us a timescale for their decision but it is likely to be decided by the spending review in October at the very latest.  If we are to ensure the future of the Station we need your help. 

We are starting an online campaign to let Michael Gove know the benefits the Station will bring to Bristol.  We need to show Bristol’s support by our online petition and reinforcing this opinion via Facebook

Please log on and show your support.  ACT NOW! Join the Facebook page, upload your thoughts – even a video? – and forward details to all your contacts!”

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