Cellphone’s dead

Just downloaded a new ap from iTunes (see below). It does look very useful. Next time someone asks me what an MP’s constituency is (for example, when they make an intervention in the Chamber and the frontbencher then has to make reference to him/ her as “the Hon. Member for XXXXX”) I won’t need to search around for a copy of Dods but can just whip my iPhone out. Assuming of course I can get a signal, which isn’t always the case in the Chamber.

Here’s the info they emailed me… and no, I’m not on commission.

Welcome to the PPS guide to local and national government in Great Britain. This app is the first of its kind; an interactive political map providing in depth detail of political control and composition and contact links for every level of government.

The app includes; full address, phone, email contacts and searchable maps for every local council; GPS mapping for every constituency and council and lists every constituency and MP with links to photos, biographies and majority details.

Plus full composition breakdown and links to every member of the House of Lords, GLA , Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly are now included.

Main features:

• Interactive political party overview map of Great Britain

• Full listing for every constituency and MP with photos, biographies, email addresses and majorities

• Full political composition of every local council with next election date, voting cycle and authority type – in alphabetical list or through map search

• Political composition breakdown for House of Commons, House of Lords, GLA, Scottish Parliament and the National Assembly for Wales – with links to every member

• My location GPS address finder for every council and MP

• Email, telephone and website links for every council and web links to every level of government.


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