Death of the European

I’ve just remembered this exists. Or rather, I remembered at 5am, during a bout of insomnia. I suppose I should really save it for when I want to make a profound point regarding Tory isolationism and the EU, or perhaps some comment on Nick Clegg’s old boss at the European Commission, Leon Brittan, getting a job in the new Government. But I can’t be bothered.

This is great. The Three Johns, Death of the European. Enjoy.

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  • Quietzapple  On August 28, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    Leon’s smarter brother Samuel is still thinking as freshly (well after Keynes, but with his own insight) re banks:

    “The long run answer may well be the entry of new and smaller banks into a more competitive banking industry. But we know what Keynes said about the long run. If the state wants to speed up economic recovery there is a case for setting up one or more government banks, perhaps in conjunction with institutions such as the UK Post Office Savings Bank. One or two such institutions have already been established, but they are limited in their range.

    “I could easily write a speech decrying this idea. Once established, it would be difficult to run down or sell off such institutions. Meanwhile, they could be easily perverted for political purposes, as any visitor to Italy must know. And who are the paragons who will run them? Yet the best is so often the enemy of the good; and preservation of the benefits of a competitive private enterprise system may require some trimming at the margins. Or, as they say in a certain country, reculer pour mieux sauter.”

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