From the wilds of Borneo…

…to the vineyards of Bordeaux. Etc.

Yes, I’ve been on holiday, and I will leave it to you to guess whether I’m more the Borneo or Bordeaux type. But I’ve been back a couple of weeks so no excuse for not blogging, except a ‘where to start, where to start’ feeling…

We’ve had three leadership candidates in the city this week. Andy Burnham at St George Labour Club on Monday, Ed Miliband in the rather grander surroundings of Armada House on Thursday, and the Ed Balls team turning up at 11pm last night and demanding I take them for a curry. Ed B has already done his ‘official’ visit, last month, and David did a speech at the uni in July too. No sign of Diane (as one leadership candidate quipped, ‘she’s lost her passport’).

On September 9th we have the official Labour leadership hustings at the Empire and Commonwealth Museum, which is being organised by the Co-op, the Fabians and Labour CID, and is billed as being a ‘Labour in the World’ event, so mostly about foreign affairs, development, climate change, etc.

You can sign up through the Labour CID website, and I gather tickets are going fast. (I actually got a reminder on Thursday from Labour Regional Office that my name wasn’t on the list yet, so I ought to sign up if I wanted to go. I rather thought I could just swan in, being the MP and all that; that’s put me in my place!)

We have also been graced with a visit to Bristol from Nick Clegg, who was rather rude to anyone who dared disagree with him. There was a rumour he was going to put in an appearance at Bristol Pride the same day, but given that the Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams was booed during his speech as soon as he mentioned Clegg’s name (he said “I thought that would happen”, which is hardly a ringing endorsement of his Leader), it’s probably best he stayed away. The Lib Dem stall did feature a lifesize cardboard cut-out of Clegg though. They might have attracted more visitors if they’d also supplied things to throw at it?

I’m currently in correspondence with someone who objects to the event being called Pride. He says it’s confrontational and it should have been called a Gay Fun Day. I am politely disagreeing.

Apart from that I’ve had a day trip to the Beautiful Days festival in Devon, to be interviewed by journalist/ punk legend John Robb about politics and music and stuff. Nice day out, with added  highlight of catching a John Otway gig, which was hilarious. Especially impressed by his somersaults; he only does one in this version.

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