We are underused

The big local issue at the moment is the Lib Dem council’s bid to sell of lots of supposedly ‘underused’ green spaces to developers, supposedly to fund the improvement of ‘better used’ parks and green spaces. There are lots of Facebook groups being set up by campaigners across the city, many of whom will be attending the Council meeting on 7th September to present petitions, make statements, and generally let the Lib Dems know how unhappy they are. There’s going to be a bit of a rally on College Green beforehand too…

Unfortunately Parliament returns on 6th September, so I won’t be able to be there, but I will be at the meeting on 1st September at the Vassall Centre, where campaigners against proposals for Frome Vale and Hillfields (including the plan for a travellers site in Begbrook) will be making their views heard, very vociferously I’d imagine.

There’s also ongoing concern about the lack of real consultation about the proposals for a Showcase Bus Route along Fishponds Road, which I’d imagine will come up at the meeting on 1st September too.

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  • Steve Woods  On August 29, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    What the council and developers see as ‘underused’ green space and scrubland is quite often valuable wildlife habitat and local residents have a far better idea of the value of that land than the useless drones down the Count’s Louse and their builder mates.

    Although the City Council is registered as the owner of the land they wish to sell off, I believe all council-owned land is actually held in trust on behalf of the citizens of Bristol. I wonder how many of the plots of council land currently up for disposal would actually be sold were all sales of council-owned land subject to binding referenda.

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