I’d rather jack

That was a bad, bad song…. and an even worse TOTP performance from what I recall.

Anyway…. It’s mildly addictive reading the profiles of new Tory MPs on the Conservative Home website.

90% of them, when asked who their favourite non-Tory MP is, say that’s it’s Frank Field, but my almost neighbour Jack Lopresti has opted for Jack Straw, which I am sure would please our Jack  no end, were he to have any idea who the other Jack was.

P.S. I am always suspicious when people say they like ‘all kinds of music’. I suspect that means they don’t like anything very much.

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  • Dave Atherton  On August 31, 2010 at 11:10 pm

    Not that I would ever be a Tory MP but my answer would be Dennis Skinner. I would not find one thing I would ever agree with him politically, but I admire conviction politics and man who has integity. I believe his voting record attendence is 98% or more.

    On music I agree that too many people give bland answers to musical tastes. Since you ask, classical (romantic period especially) and The Blues (Mississippi, especially).

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