What’s going on – postscript

I should have looked at my emails before blogging the last post. Here’s one from Chris Bryant, on the subject of his Ten Minute Rule Bill, which I don’t think he’ll mind me publishing. (As for Gove’s support; didn’t stop him blocking plans for at least one year’s compulsory SRE in the Children Schools and Families Bill. We had to drop those proposals during ‘wash-up’ before the election because the Tories wouldn’t back it). Here’s Chris’ email – and my answer to both his questions was (signing his EDM and co-sponsoring the Bill if he needs me).

Dear colleague

One of the key issues in my constituency is the very high level of teenage pregnancies, an issue I have tried to address through a web-site I created a couple of years ago –www.teenagemums.org.uk. The UK level remains stubbornly high – five times higher than in the Netherlands and higher than any other country in Europe. One of the key differences seems to be that all the other countries have highly effective Sex and Relationship Education in all their schools, which is why I have been campaigning for this to be introduced far more consistently in the UK. This was a matter that was pursued before the General Election by the then Children’s Secretary, Ed Balls, and has been supported by Michael Gove, who said in answer to a question on 12th  July 2010: ‘I agree that it is vital that all children have high-quality sex and relationships education, in order to ensure that they make the right decisions later in life’.

In anticipation of my ten minute rule bill next Wednesday, which seeks to introduce Sex and Relationship Education as a part of the curriculum across the country, I shall be tabling the following EDM on Monday and would be grateful if you could let me know whether you would be happy for me to add your name.

I also hope you will support my ten minute rule bill next Wednesday. If you would like to be a sponsor of the Bill, do let me know.

All best wishes


Chris Bryant

EDM: That this House notes that, despite attempts by successive Governments, the number of teenage pregnancies across the UK remains dramatically higher than in any other country in Europe; further notes that the number of sexually transmitted infections amongst young people continues to grow; believes that high quality sex and relationship education is vital in empowering young people to make responsible choices; and calls on the Government to make provision for such Sex and Relationship Education for all children in all schools.

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  • thebristolblogger  On September 2, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    This is a great time for Members of the Commons to be proposing more Sex and Relationship Education.

    Can I propose Lesson 1?

    Should you find yourself spending the night in a hotel room with a young, attractive person be sure only to obtain advice on UK overseas territories – such as the Falklands …

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